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An heirloom set perfect for a baby shower gift, christening, and baby dedication gift. Each set is personlized with a name, date of birth, and oversized Last name letter. 

N. D. Keepsake Pillow Set

  • Option 1: Pillow insert is 12x16 inches that comes with a Lovey that measures 18x18 inches. Option 2: Pillow standard size comes with a blanket (35x35 inches)


    1. Primary color option, and contrast fabric choice for the lovey/blanket using the number options.
    2. Coordinating thread color choice (-s).
    3. Detailed description of how you want the pillow and lovey/blanket to read.

    *IF you have additional questions, please send us a message.

    Fabric Selections:

    1. Plush Lite Pink
    2. Plush Hot Pink
    3. Plush White
    4. Plush Dark Brown
    5. Plush Ivory/Winter White
    6. Plush Black
    7. Plush Medium Brown
    8. Minky Mint Green
    9. Minky Buttercup Yellow
    10. Minky Orange
    11. Minky Clover Green
    12. Minky Dark Purple
    13. Minky Lavender
    14. Minky Brown
    15. Minky Lite Blue
    16. Minky Bubble Gum Pink
    17. Minky Hot Pink
    18. Minky Sea Blue
    19. Minky Red
    20. Plush Cheetah Print
    21. Plush Giraffe Print
    22. Plush Zebra Print

    **Colors may vary**
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